Wow. It’s back to school season which means New Chapter.  IAMDAPLUG, le podcast qui connecte avec les gens qui font la culture, is back after a 3 months hiatus. It was kind of a summer break but also a lot of different things happened.

I started this podcast with great ambitions and a positive mindset. Having a little experience in radio, being obsessed by radios interviews and being in love myself with conversating with my culturally active friends. Doing everything by myself is pretty tough though … Don’t get me wrong, I love it but sometimes I get overwhelmed by my own enthusiasm. But I’m lucky that I’m encouraged by the homies to keep grinding and doing this amazing project.

This 11th episode is a good way to get back to business as I take on the challenge of presenting my first recording in English. I couldn’t have found a better person than Rhea. YoungEarlGrey, as she’s known in these streets (or as an illustrator really), came ready to talk. We met at a mutual friend’s house and I was already homie with her husband but Rhea and I bonded tightly over our shared love for Janet Jackson. The rest is history and history is to be found in this convo.

She was also very kind to put together a playlist which is pretty much an anthology of killer grooves from the 80s (mostly provided by the legendary Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis)

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Ce podcast est rendu possible grâce à la webradio Deep Kulture et le Scandle Paris. Big shout out à eux.