Catching The Vibe w/ Jxy Breez on Scandle Radio

After the end of my time at Diez Music, I was pretty sure of what I didn’t want to do in music. But even if It felt like growth, maintaining this negative position could only take me so far. I had to go to an introspection phase and define what I really wanted to do. I’ve always loved jazz. It’s the reason why I’ve connected with Clement & Hillel as a teenager. But I’ve never felt legitimate to get involved in jazz because I never learned to play an instrument, I never was academically trained and the whole local scene seemed out of reach. But I love it so much and the current scene is so exciting that I had to gather my courage and find a way to contribute to something I truly believe in.
The first step was to refocus my show on the latest jazz release and try my best to shed some light on the amazing artists (especially the younger ones), DJs and labels that are making sure the music stays fresh and interesting.

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