Far & High

Back in 2003, I started messing with a music making software called eJay. All my old heads know about eJay haha … I quickly moved on to Fruity Loops and started experimenting with the process of beatmaking.
A couple years later, I met OS Looper (RIP) and Loubensky at a party. They were playing some dope stuff and we immediately bonded over our love for Jazz and Hip-hop. I started making music with them, that’s how I joined their production team. These guys will always be the real deal to me and I cherish the memories of careless moments, just making beats. Loubensky later invited me to be part of a new project he was working on called The Hop.

WhoFar & HighWhatBeatmaker, Music ProducerWhen2008 - 2010Moresoundcloud.com

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