My love story with analog photography started around the same time I started being more and more involved with music. I couldn’t explain why but I was feeling that every little thing that was happening around me would have, at some point, a meaning bigger than the one it could have for my own personal journey. Coming across an old album of photos I had done during a school trip from when i was 9 prompted me to start printing pictures again. Soon after, I discovered Lomography which reintroduced me to analog photography in a playful way. I began shooting film compulsively which has since evolved into a true passion and helped me land a part time job at the Lomography Flagship Store in Paris. August 2012 saw the inauguration of my “stepyourlifegameup” Tumblr blog. My motto was “Do You!” and the content was “#shotbybreez”. I guess my purpose has been to capture the people and places that have inspired me to become a better individual. Each photo is a way to show my gratitude to the moment.

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