It’s September again. Hope you’ve enjoyed your holidays and are full of bright perspectives for this new season. On my end, it looks pretty exciting and I can’t wait to go on with this blog and reveal all the dope schemes that I’ve been plotting on. In the meantime, you can get the latest edition of Catching The Vibe.

The homie Alpha Wann announced that his first album UMLA (Une Main Lave l’Autre) will be out on September 21st and delivered its second extract with the Hologram Lo & VM The Don produced “ÇA VA ENSEMBLE”. Straight heat. I’ve been following 12 Monkeys Records for a while now. The Paris based label home to Cham, Deeway, Ron Brice & Stanza is moving in silence but has been dedicated to provinding bars and dropping traditional gritty New-York inspired Rap releases. It’s always good to see brothers sticking to a sound and not following trends “just because”. Deeway keeps it swaggy on the Ron Brice assisted “Swish”. Talking about bars Termanology & Conway, Mick Jenkins and Curren$y will keep you fed.

On the smooth tip, female singers link up with male producers for the greater good of planet Earth. I have really enjoyed Zilo‘s “Pretty Certain” (prod. by Denzell Himself), A l l i e & The Kount’s “Oowee” and Jean Deaux‘s “Back 2 You” (prod. by Phoelix).

Some jazz as usual, cause you know what it is, with Web Web, Moses Boyd, Yazz Ahmed, Braxton and Juniper. Long story short, a lot of dope music this week!

Tracklist : 

  1. Before You Get A Boyfriend – Phony Ppl
  2. I Might – HONNE
  3. Back 2 You – Jean Deaux
  4. Better Dayz – REASON
  5. What Am I To Do – Mick Jenkins
  6. Oowee – A l l i e & The Kount
  7. Land Of the Arum Flower – Web Web
  8. Hyperloop – Juniper
  9. Frontline (Ft. Kevin Haynes Grupo Eleggua) – Moses Boyd
  10. FJYD (Take #5) – Braxton Cook
  11. The Lost Pearl (Hector Plimmer Remix) – Yazz Ahmed
  12. ÇA VA ENSEMBLE – Alpha Wann
  13. Dream On – Akinyemi & Birocratic
  14. Old Age – Masego & SiR
  15. New Love – Victoria Monet
  16. Prototype – DRAM
  17. Untitled (Ft. Denzel Himself) – S4U
  18. One Shot Killer – Miss Red
  19. Zaire – DJ Khalab
  20. Deep Sole – RP Boo
  21. Reboot (Ft. Chance The Rapper & Joey Purp) – Kami & Smoko Ono
  22. Nosebleeds (Ft. Young Thug) – Reese LaFlare
  23. Hero – Comethazine
  24. Pretty Certain – Zilo
  25. Nephew (Ft. Lil Pump) – Smokepurpp
  26. Lucid Intent (Ft. Nitai Hershkovits) – Rejoicer
  27. Swish (Ft. Ron Brice) – Deeway
  28. Pay Scale (Ft. Larry June) – Curren$y
  29. Ferris Wheel (Ft. Dunny Cold-Facts & Aj Suede) – Grandmilly & ShoZae
  30. Termanator & The Machine (Ft. Conway) – Termanology

Click the cover artwork to listen to the playlist and don’t worry, this year is just going to be fine!

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Peace & Light.