Tracklist : 

  1. July Play (Tiny Room Sessions) – Greg Spero, Ronald Bruner Jr., Mononeon 
  2. Mother’s Love – Greg Foat 
  3. Slightly Lighter – Hedvig Mollestad
  4. Fluid Motion (Live at La Défense) – 30/70
  5. Vanity Plate – Happy Apple
  6. Measure III (Mixed) – Fazer Drums
  7. Masterpiece – JAF Trio
  8. Footprints – Ezra Collective
  9. Cool – Swarvy
  10. Soledad Saboteur – Anteloper
  11. Burn’In – NCY Milky Band
  12. Planet Earth Ft. Jason Stein, Matt Ulery, Nate Lepine, Nick Broste, Nick Mazzarella & Rob Clearfield – Quin Kirchner
  13. The Way We Watched The Landsacpe [24 96 EP] – Liran Dorin

This week, I’m happy to welcome Samuel Paoli aka Heverly Bill in the Scandle Radio’s studio. I first found out about Sam a few months ago after discovering his show on Hotel Radio. His selections of  fine grooves ranging from Nu Jazz to Left Field Hip-Hop by way of Electronica were just enchanting. And when I heard that he was going to interview the homies from Underground Canopy, I knew we have to meet and join forces somehow.

Besides spinning records, this brother is also an artist in his own right . In 2018, Last Call, his first solo project found HB at the crossroads of Synth-Funk and classic 2000s R&B. For this guest mix, he’s decided to give us a taste of his latest findings on wax.

July is already here. As we are entering the second half of this already historical year 2020, amazing jazz releases don’t seem to slowing down. Chicago pianist Greg Spero invites Ronald Bruner Jr., Mononeon and Ruslan Sirota to his Tiny Room for a rendition of Drake’s “Summer Games”. 3 minutes and 20 seconds of pure bliss. Jason Nazary and Jaimie Branch present the follow up to Kudu, their first release as Anteloper, diving deeper in their electrified spaced out explorations with Tour Beats Vol. 1. Does Swarvy still need to be introduced? The Philly’s own came up as a beatmaker and each one of his release has brought him closer to the fully fledged artist/producer status. “Cool”, his first single on Kamaal WilliamsBlack Focus Records, feels like a breezy summer afternoon. Find these tracks and even more on this mix.

Click the cover artwork to listen to the playlist and If you are enjoying this early summer days,  I’m with you.

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Peace & Light.