In 1988, MC J.B., Baby D, Sassy C and DJ Train, better known as J.J. Fad, released their first album titled Supersonic. Beside being an undeniable early Golden Age classic, the LP (which was certified Gold in 4 months) was divided in two sides :  a Pop Side including Arabian Prince produced Electro gems, and a Hip Hop Side giving a hint of the sound that would later be made popular by N.W.A. That Hip Hop Side starts with track #6 “My Dope Intro”. It was always funny to me that the intro was in the middle of the record. The cut is a rendition of “Freedom” by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, sampling Freedom‘s “Get Up and Dance”. Produced by MC Ren, “My Dope Intro” is nod to old school hip hop which works as a claim to authenticity as well as a transition between two eras.

This is definitely how I feel about this first post. It’s an introduction but it’s happening in the middle of my music journey. 

So yeah, this is the place where people can keep up with what I do. From my mixes, to my playlists or my photography work. I’m also going to share some conversations that I have with people whose work I want to showcase and who inspire me. Let’s enjoy this new ride.

Peace & Light.